Friday, August 29, 2008


I cried through Palin's speech today from start to finish. It was wonderful!

Friday Thankfuls...

Hmmmm...o.k. The Chief says he is thankful I am not bed ridden. Sometimes I wish I was, I would call it a BREAK! I am thankful that the rain has stopped for now, so we can work on the jungle we call our yard this weekend. I am thankful to the Lord for always, always, always providing for Joel and I and our crew.
Just when I think I can't possibly pinch anymore pennies, something happens and I am reminded that we are well taken care of, the Chief and I have very little as far as material things, but we are so wealthy in so many other areas of our life. Truly God has provided and then some for us in the last years and again, I am not talking about "stuff". I am talking about grace, forgiveness, mercy, provision, joy, love, additions...we really have all we need!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blah today...just plain blah. Can not quite put my finger on it...:-(

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Christmas Came Early

Yes! School resumes! We finally return to school. I love my Doodlesbugs like no body's business, however being couped up since last Friday has been torture! Kenna said today..."Can't we just go to Walmart?" Yes, it's that bad. So off to school they go...maybe Gustav will stay AWAY from us next week!

Brag Shop

On Friday I received a letter from Doodlebug #1's reading teacher that she was highly excited and impressed with her reading skills. She had her tested and through the testing realized she was reading ABOVE her grade level!!!! Kenna will be moved to a new reading teacher on Wednesday and into Reading Mastery III. I actually don't really know what Reading Mastery III is, but I know it's good and we are very proud of her.
Doodlebug #1 worked her tail off last year and I explained to her that that work paid off. The Chief and I watched her struggle and she ultimately made the decision as to how hard she would work...she ran the race and won! Way to go my precious daughter!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Worst Heat Flash I Have Ever Had!

After I left my OB appointment today I loaded all four doodlebugs up and headed to pick up the Chief. I started sweating so bad, I turned the air on 60 and faced all the vents toward me. I thought man this is awful, then I started sweating down my back, I said Girls are y'all hot?" they said "No". I thought gesh...then it fannie and back were on fire! I thought I was gonna have to pull over or something.
So long story took me another 5 minutes to realize that as I was loading the kiddies up someone who shall remain nameless (Doodlebug #4) had pushed the button to heat up my seat. I didn't even know the seats heat up if you wanted them to...duh. I released the button and started to cool off. :-)

And Again Tomorrow

Just got word from an inside school again tomorrow!!! So here's the deal, the Flint won't crest until Thursday, just tell me now if it's gonna be an all week thing!

I had my OB appointment this a.m. IN THE DARK! Very interesting. Grant looked o.k. on the mini portable ultrasound machine. I finally succumbed to pain medication for the hernia (umbilical) I waited as long as I could. Then we trotted over to the Dr. office, I had suspected Doodlebug #2 had an ear infection and sure enough she did, we had to park on the street 'cause the parking lot was totally flooded.

Picked up the Chief (oh, the joys of a one vehicle family) from his second job and came home and CRASHED. I did one of those...."I slept way too hard" naps. It was great.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

No School Tomorrow...

Just saw on the local website that schools are closed tomorrow...flooded roads and power outages! Can anyone say CABIN FEVER!!!!!!! Say a prayer for me!

Damage of Fay

Together with these pictures we have about 3 lakes in the back yard. The ground will not hold another ounce of water.
The Chief worked nearly 48 straight hours clearing roads and watching for floods, I saw him occasionally when he would come in soaked to the bone and change clothes only to head back out again after an hour power nap. Thank god for Red Bull and coffee! I am glad the worse is over with although now we are under tornado watches and it just down poured AGAIN!!!!!! We are gonna be doing yard work for solid month!
Our Road

One side of the property

and...the other side

Just alot of firewood the Chief says!

Baby Grant's Shower...

The Baby Shower Cake

Tanya and Me

Katie, Me, and Shelly

So much to post today, we had a great baby shower...Mom, Jen, Joanna (sis in law) ,my Aunt Sheila (surprised me), and the Chief's parents all made it in the tropical storm and came. I was thrilled! However, all too soon we got word that the roads were closing and off the caravan had to go. It took them nearly two hours to get back to Albany (only a 60 mile journey, normally)

The greatest surprise is that my oldest and dearest friend Tanya Todd Cooper came and I could have just wrapped her up and kept her for much longer. We have known each other since we were little and lived and California. I cherish our friendship deeply! My dear friends Katie and Shelly hosted the wonderful event and it went off without a hitch...So many other dear friends came and I enjoyed having everyone in my home.

So the shower was great! Joel and I were so blessed with all realms of items for the baby. Some of the major essentials were given to us which was such a relief to receive. I was overwhelmed in the end with gratitude and thankfulness that people came out and gave for a mom who is expecting her 5Th baby! Blessed is all I can say. I can't wait for my mom to come back and help me ORGANIZE all Grant's things (hint, hint).

I am posting a few pictures my aunt took ALOT more than I so I will have to get those from her and post them later. The cake once again was made by our dear friends Greg and Karen and they certainly out did themselves this time. Fun,Family, and Fellowship was had by all...I have the greatest group of friends and family!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Thankfuls...

Well,the kiddies are off to school, although we didn't even get a drop of rain all night this morning looks bleak. As a fellow blogger told me recently "They (our children) are not really ours anyway, they belong to the Lord." This is so very true! So off the girls went under the covering of His precious protection.
O.K. today I am grateful for the little things first, like the Chief is taking the day off to help me get ready for the baby shower tomorrow. I am beside myself to see my mom and sister. I keep asking them to get here early, 'cause no matter what time they get here when they leave it will be all too soon.
Watching the news day before yesterday on the live abortion act (when the baby survives an abortion) I was so convicted about my attitude toward this pregnancy (not Grant, but the pregnancy). Honestly, now this has not been easy for me. Mom, Jen, Shelly and Amy are the few select that I have shared my true feelings with. True, true, true feelings. You can throw Joel in there too (bless his ears)
I turned to Joel and sobbed because I thought "here I am complaining because I didn't want to ever be pregnant again and my life felt interrupted (again, by the pregnancy, not baby). This has been my attitude for at least 3 1/2 months, the first 4 months I was too shell shocked and hysterical and sick to have any opinion at all.
So, today, I am so grateful that God saw fit to make me a mom again, what a surprise that has slowly evolved into quite a pleasant one. I am so undeserving to even be a mom, to know that, that Lord loves me enough to place His precious child in my care is a great compliment. This only gives me yet another chance to be the mom that my mom is and was, it gives me the opportunity to rear a precious child for the Kingdom of God.
I love you my baby Grant, I am thrilled waiting for your arrival, you truly are a miracle baby and I can't wait to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for your life!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


So the local college has cancelled classes here until Monday. However...the local school system as of 8p.m. tonight is still holding school tomorrow. Joel and I are trying to make the decision as far as sending the girls to school. We shall see!!! Just wish EVERYONE would get on the same note or at least use the same determining actions when it comes to school closings for weather purposes. What to do? What to do?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Middle of the night belly party!

This video shows why I am so tired, this happens at least four nights a week. Grant is up for at least an hour. He is by FAR the most active uterine baby I have had (he can wake me out of a dead sleep). He will do this thing (look at minute 1:03) where my belly just shakes uncontrollably almost violently. Anyway, I have already prepared myself that this little one definitely has his day and nights confused. Maybe just maybe he is fighting to get out...the sooner the better!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Thankfuls...

I got up very cranky this morning. Why? I don't know but I broke my own cardinal rule (wake up happy, with a smile). It is only 7:14 in the morning, and I have set the president for the household. I already made one apology to the hubby for snapping at him, he is on his way out of town to a meeting, what a way to leave, huh? Doodlebug #1 struggled, but only 'cause I was snappy, she then in return was snappy to doodlebug #2. Man, cause and effect.
So today I am thankful for forgiveness, from the Chief and the Doodlebugs. I blew it, big time, but still loved beyond words. I love my family.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

9 weeks and counting...

It's official, today I am exactly 9 weeks from due date. I guess it's just nice to be out of double digits. All I do is waddle and crave milk. This is a new one for me and it only started 3 weeks ago. It's all about the milk. On our way to Albany last weekend I said in the car half way there, "Babe, I hope your mom has plenty of milk!" So I think about it a lot too, I just think it's weird.
I go to the doctor every two weeks...have I told you how "In Love" I am with my OB? His name is Dr. Popa. I have had all my babies in Albany, even while we lived here, Chief and I, because of gas and other financial issues decided to look for a Dr. locally. I was very skeptical, until I met "Him". We just wish Bainbridge had a NIC unit for the babies, for anything unforeseen. Dr. Popa is truly the kindest most patient, most soft hearted Dr. I have ever met and I thought that Dr. Michas' in Albany topped them all. I see him in Wally World (he shops on Sunday's, not that I am stalking him or anything) and in his heavy accent he say "Hello, Aimee, how are you feeling, don't lift those babies now. O.K.?" I giddily say "o.k. Dr. Popa see you soon." He really is the best!
We still have nothing for the baby..I mean this literally. We have the crib. I am having a couple of showers and I am oh, so grateful that I have friends that care enough about Joel and I to honor us in this way. It is truly a blessing! We know God will provide all our needs.
Well, I have a mountain of cleaning to do today, so I better get to it! Here's to laundry, cob webs, scrubbing bathrooms, sweeping,mopping, un-made beds, full vacuum bags, and everything in between. Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Plain Gross

So my son has been fighting a sinus infection since our mini-vaca. O.K. I like them to try ans fight off their infection before I absolutely HAVE to take them in to see a doctor. So his sinus infection showed through yucky nose and eyes you know what I mean. So last Monday Doodlebug woke up sneezing and sneezing and sneezing, on the way to taking the Chief to work I said, "Well, I gave him 10 days and still not well, I am calling the Dr. today."
Just about a nano second later Doodlebug sneezed and out popped a GROSS, YUCKY, NASTY piece of OLD paper from his nose! Uh, hello son what are we into now? Shoving paper up your nose? His sinus infection literally cleared up over night. Guess he had clogged a sinus cavity or something. Isn't that just GROSS? Just when I thought I had seen everything from four, Lord help me when #5 gets here. :-)


So I was standing in my kitchen doing the dishes and thinking/praying/contemplating a situation my friend is in and the Holy Spirit clearly spoke and said this. "Quit waiting for the sun to come out, because you are probably missing the rainbows after the storm."
This then got me thinking about all the literal storms in the Bible and what great things happened in the mist of them. I only found two ('cause I need a better reference Bible). The two I found were the two I had thought about. They were the most popular Jesus walking on water and Johna and the Whale. (Do you know any more? Please share if you do.)
Sometimes I think we are just "waiting for the storm to pass" I hear this all the time, from friends, from the pulpit, on television...but are we missing little and big miracles that happen as the storm is in full force. God controls the land and the well as the winds that blow the storms along as they pass through. Point: He is ALWAYS in control. Physically and spiritually.
Just food for thought this week for me and something I think I would like to look more into. Anyway it was kinda neat. Maybe I will write more about this later. Like what good comes out of storms, like we get much needed refreshing rain (I am writing physically, but thinking spiritually). Anyway...

Monday, August 11, 2008

An Extra Kid...

After spending the weekend in Albany, we decided to bring home my sweet niece Madi. She is also Doodlebug #3's "Best Fwend" They are having a wonderful time, except Doodlebug #3 announced to Doodlebug #2 on the way to school NOT to talk to HER "Fwend". I am so glad we are all getting this special time with Madi, she is truly loved by my girls.
The crew plus an extra!
Madi, Ema, Olivia, McKenna, and Gunner

Madi and Ema (Best Fwends)

So I got stopped at least four times this morning in Wally World. "Your twins are so cute". I didn't even have them dressed alike, but because of the blond hair, blue eyes and also they each have a dimple, oh, and they are so darn cute...the mistake was easily made and repeated. We MAY let her go home soon, maybe!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Thankfuls...

I am thankful that they do (as it turns out) make a tape measure big enough to measure my hips...thanks Craftsman! (See Post Below)

Why I Hate Buying Underwear While Pregnant

So when I was pregnant with Doodlebug #1 I was GINORMOUS! When we got to the hospital for induction I realized I had no underwear, so the Chief scooted off to Wally World and came back with a pack especially for me. I opened the package and unfolded the 18 yards of material (oh, I mean pair of underwear). I asked the Chief, "What am I suppose to do with these? Wear them or fly them as a kite?" "Were you planning on pitching a tent or something?" These things were GINORMOUS (notice the similarities we already had in common).

So anyway, he said, "Well that's all you have so your gonna have to wear them". So off ( I waddled) to the bathroom I grumbled upset that he even (had the notion) to think I was that big, anyway. I stated things like, "There never gonna fit" "I am going to be so uncomfortable constantly pulling them up...blah, blah blah"

One minute later...the stupid things fit. Whatever.

So yesterday I realized the inevitable had happened. I can no longer wear my cute Victoria Secret underwear. I think it was the comment from my "Cute" Doodlebug #3 about me not having any underwear on when I was dressing...o.k. see I did and apparently they had "Disappeared". So, I will have to go to Wally World and purchase the big panties to make it through the remainder of the pregnancy. I suppose I will measure my GINORMOUS hips before I go (if they make a tape measure that big).

The good news is that if I ever decided to "Go Green" I can reuse them for things like flying kites on a windy day, pitching a tent, make the girls matching outfits, sail a small boat, or re-cover a piece of furniture. See there is always a bright (yeah right) side to everything. Whatever!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Enter The World of Dancing....

Well...we have entered the throws of dance. Tap and Ballet to be exact. With three girls it was bound to happen just a matter of when. The Doodlebug girls were beyond beside themselves. Doodlebug #3 goes every Thursday from 2-3 and Doodlebugs #1, and #2 go from 3-4 on Thursday's also after school. It works out nicely except I was in a total sweat by the time I got home (so we ate pizza for dinner...EASY). Apparently, we will keep this routine until May, at that time we will spend a ridiculous amount of money on their costumes and go to their recital...I Can't Wait!
Here are a few pictures of my sweet little ballerina's.
Sassy (I mean sweet) Ema Moore

Olivia and Kenna

(I could hardly get them to stand still for the picture)

My three Doddlebugs together and so cute!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ema Mimicking Daddy

I walked into the living room today and caught the tail end of the Chief's conversation (with a little echo). This is cute today, however could get annoying REAL fast. Today, however,it was cute!

Friday, August 1, 2008

First Day Of School

The girls started school today. They had a fantastic day. I kept busy, but thought of them often and was on the edge of my seat come 2:30 this afternoon. Doodlebug #1 said her day was boring...I assured her that things would pick up next week. Doodlebug #2 loved her painting project and had a good day she said, she although is very tired (she still will take a nap everyday at home, but no more naps at school!).

Doodlebug #1 said she would like her and sissy to look alike so they could see each other easily in the lunchroom and hallways. I felt she was calming her own fears and that was just fine with me. So off went the "twins" . (please don't mind the ugly porch, and yes Dad I have managed to keep my ferns ALIVE!)

I thought Doodlebug #2 looked so cute with her hand on her hip!

McKenna found a desk and was ready to go!

No one could pry Liv's back pack off of her, don't let that look fool you, she was shooting us the "get out of here, mom and dad!" look. She was so very excited she made it to K-5! I think she thought we were cramping her style :-)

Anyway, the doodlebug babies and I went and hung out with a friend for the day and ticked away the hours until we picked up "sissies". We were so glad to see them again! Here's to a great year!