Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Thankfuls...

Hmmmm...o.k. The Chief says he is thankful I am not bed ridden. Sometimes I wish I was, I would call it a BREAK! I am thankful that the rain has stopped for now, so we can work on the jungle we call our yard this weekend. I am thankful to the Lord for always, always, always providing for Joel and I and our crew.
Just when I think I can't possibly pinch anymore pennies, something happens and I am reminded that we are well taken care of, the Chief and I have very little as far as material things, but we are so wealthy in so many other areas of our life. Truly God has provided and then some for us in the last years and again, I am not talking about "stuff". I am talking about grace, forgiveness, mercy, provision, joy, love, additions...we really have all we need!

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Janine said...

Aimee if we had to walk out of our house today and not look back you would be great! I would be great! It is not about our "stuff", people say that all the time but what are they really attached to. I have literally made myself think about my "stuff" and thought to myself I want nothing that makes me want to cling to it! My question has been,"Could you walk away with nothing?" ABSOLUTELY!!!! No stock in stuff!You have the "good" stuff!!! People all over the world dream of having what you have! You are a class act my friend!