Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Seinfeld Episode...

Alot about nothing. My conversation with my 4 year old in a 9 mile stretch.
DB #3- Mommy?
MC- Yes?
DB#3 Who were you talking too?
MC- Daddy.
DB#3- 'bout what.
MC- Mrs. Christy
DB#3- ooooohhhhh (like she knows)
DB#3- who dat' mommy
MC- Friend of Mommy's and Daddy's
DB#3- Can I see Madi Mommy?
MC- Not today
DB #3- can I call Madi mommy I haven't seen her in three days...
MC- When we get home.
DB #3- Mommy? Do the clouds move?
MC- Yes baby, the wind moves them.
DB #3- Are they moving now?
MC- I don't know baby I am driving, are they?
DB #3- I am hungry
MC- Snacks after homework baby you know this
DB #3- but I am REALLY hungry I haven't eaten in three days!
DB#3- Mommy where's aunt Jen?
MC- At home baby
DB #3- I haven't seen her in three days!
MC- We will make a trip home soon, baby I miss Aunt Jen too.
DB #3- Mommy I prayed to God for you...
MC- you did, thank you baby.
DB #3- Oh, mommy I prayed to God for three days for you.
MC- Wow Ema, thanks.
DB #3- Mommy?
MC-Yes baby.
DB #3- Everyday, Kenna and Wivie are mean to me. They are mean to me for three whole days!
MC- I am sorry baby.
DB #3- Mommy? Can I go to dance.
MC- Baby you will go tomorrow.
DB #3- Good cause I have not seen Ms. Lou for three whole days!
DB #3- Mommy am i getting any bigger?
MC- Yes, baby you are getting big.
DB #3- I will be bigger in three whole days huh, mommy?
****Gotta love her!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What The!?!?!?

It took me forever to load the kids in the car this morning, I switch all the car seat 'cause Doodlebug #4 couldn't keep his feet off of #5's I forgot where everyone goes and we played musical car seat in the newly vacuumed car...well it's just a flippin' mess now. The Chief had to be at his second job at 7:30 a.m. and on time no doubt, so instead of 6:40 we were all awake at 6:00 and out the door at 7:10 all of us. I nursed the baby while walking to the car (before we played musical car seats), so I could put him in his seat at the last minute (he loathes his car seat). Then I dropped the Chief off with zero time to spare, then onto school. oh, yeah the baby is screaming the whole time...the WHOLE time!
O.k. so normally my kids car pool, but because of the Chief needing to be at work well you know. I unload all 5 kids, "cause DB #1 just had to show Mrs. Burdick the baby. So in we go. Drop off DB #2 who is unhappy cause she wants to be last. The two toddlers are running up and down the halls. Db#3 ask to see Miss Cathy, but she is not in her class room yet. I promise we will check back after we drop DB #1 off.
Get to DB #1's class room and Mrs. Burdick ask me why I didn't respond to the note she sent home, ehm....LAST WEEK! What the?!?!?! Seems DB #1 failed not one, but two math test and plummeted her average for this Friday....BOY I am a mom on top of things...well crap! I had even signed the note and NOT read the typed part. OOPS. Head back to see Miss Cathy...but... Miss. Cathy is out sick today and now...DB #3 is crying and running up and down the hall way.
Head back to the car, load all this DB's 3-5 on the wrong side AGAIN...home by 8:15...I am freakin' exhausted....BTW I hate CRCT talk...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roly Poly

Doodlebug #5 is 15 weeks old today...and just when I needed some much needed sunshine in my day...he did this. What a big boy he is already and I am so glad I witnessed his little milestone.
I also hope you can appreciate and ignore the spit up stain in the crib. Oh, and because this is my blog...can I get a "OMG that is the cutest baby ever, shout out!" Just listen to him chat and giggle...oh, I could just eat him alive!

(UPDATE) Quickly...

She also has tested positive for the flu.
I will post an update...
Ema (aka Doodlebug #3) had her stitches out early yesterday, She still is having an issue with the hematoma and will see the doctor in two weeks for another check of her neck.
I have a very sick child at home (day 2) and after 24 hours of fever (last night spiked at 104.3), scared the doo-doo out of me, landed us in the doctors office early this a.m. She (Doodlebug #2) has tested positive for strep and will have results from lab soon for the flu. Ok. I soooooo do NOT need the flu running through my household. I don't even need strep running through my household.
So if I am off for a couple of days this is why...please pray for us. The Chief and I haven't slept in a couple of days 'cause #5 Doodlebug has a severe stuffy nose and is not sleeping or nursing very oh, joy! Add in Doodlebug #2, high fever, middle of the night cooling showers with screaming sick child, waking up DB's 1,3,4, and 5...makes for LOOONNNNGGGGGG nights!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Updates and Such

Well, as you can see we have run into a slight problem with my Miss Ema. She has developed a hematoma on her neck. Basically, there is a pocket where the lymph node was taken out and it has filled with a blood clot (not the kind to worry about), anyway right now the incision site is very swollen along with the we are waiting for her precious little body to absorb it. It really needs to be much smaller by tomorrow at 8:15 a.m. because she needs to get the stiches taken out. So that's where we are on that.
On an UP UP UP UP note, the pathology report was A ok! Nothing to report but a perfectly functioning lymph node...Praise You Lord! Please keep praying for her.
Ema's Hematoma
Ema after surgery was a HOOT! She was so very groggy and of course I caught a little on video.
She was having a great time...just her and her bacon and eggs!

Not Me Monday...Post # 10

Alright it's time again and I have lots today 'cause I haven't posted in a head over to MckMama's and link your self up! Unload all your Not Me's and have a great laugh to start you Monday off right!
  • It was NOT me that over Christmas while over hearing a nasty mom yell at her child and say, "You better be good or you won't get anything for Christmas." It was NOT me that said to my check out lady...."What that baby wants for Christmas is a new Mommy." Not Me.
  • It was NOT me that started a diet last week and have been exercising every day faithfully, so it wasn't me that rubbed the biggest clothing burn between my thighs (cause I am NOT so very fat) and no I didn't require medical attention from the Chief because I was NOT having trouble walking...Not me I would never admit that, it's too embarrassing.
  • It is NOT me who hasn't slept in two days 'cause all of a sudden Doodlebug #5 just decided to start waking up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours EVERYSINGLE NIGHT!
  • It was NOT me that called the Chief a nasty name (under my breath of course) because he has NOT lost over 10 pounds and I only a mere 3...whatever.

It was NOT me that at church yesterday while listening to the pastor, realized his realistic visual was his son posing as Jesus right in front of us...It was NOT me that got tickled and turned to the Chief and said..."I can't believe I am nursing in front of Jesus!" cause I am always very serious in church services....


So there you have it! Have a great NOT ME Monday!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do You See What I See? Made My Day!

If you think you are looking at my e-mail in box from this morning, you are right. If you think you see a personal e-mail in my in box from MckMama...YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!! Man what a way to wake up! I have a message from MckMama (nana, nana, boo-boo)....OMG, OMG!
OK I will quite before MckMama thinks I am a total nit-wit! However I am very excited! Who did I tell first? Well, my sissy of course...she got a call at 7:30 bright and early! So how did I get a response? Well, here is the attached e-mail. Her response was to my posting on one of her photo contest.
your comment has my crying with laughter and wetting my bed. at the same time. thanks a heap.
:) MckMama
p.s. yes i am really, really serious: the miracle blanket is a flippin' genius invention. 22 seconds flat. but you gotta wrap it nice and snug.
p.p.s. 4-6? what are you talking about? i LOVE those hours. you know, those 2 hours that seem like 9 hours. my eardrums are bleeding from our 4-6 today. it was a real riot.
On Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 8:47 PM, Aimee <> wrote:
Aimee has left a new comment on your post "-22 degrees...CONTEST!!":
o.k. here's the deal.
1) The YMCA comment should win it's hilarious.
2) I am too tired to even try and think of a witty, funny, perfect caption for the precious photo, because of my four doodlebugs, one surgery yesterday on DB #3, and a new born.
4) you take charity cases...'cause I am one?
5) seriously, why are the hours from 4-6 in the afternoon, like nails on a chalk board.
6) are you serious about the 20 seconds flat? Like really really serious?
7) if you even think for a second that I am begging...well, your right.
Posted by Aimee to my charming kids at 8:47 PM
So this was fun, I still need a Miracle Blanket, but they are $30 so I probably won't be getting one, however I will look on e-bay tonight. So something just fun for today, for sure! Thank you MckMama!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tagged By My Sister...

So I was tagged by my sister for this. Rules, go to your pictures. Pick your fourth file and then pick the fourth picture in your fourth file. Post the picture and a brief description. Then tag someone else....FUN!
My sweet Doodlebug's covered in chocolate!
So here is what you do when your want to have s'mores but it's the middle of August in the south and 800 million degrees HOT! You microwave the chocolate...thanks to the Chief this was his idea of fun! That night we also had chili and camp was set up in the girls room, yeah I was 8 months pregnant and in that (don't look at me or touch me mood!)
So I tag....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ema's Surgery

We are home and Ema is resting, everything went well. More later. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts!
Oh, man (I thought I took the red eye out) sorry. Anyway it's early and we are about to head to the hospital with Ema. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers and her doctors as well. Thank you and I covet and claim every prayer prayed for her today! I will post as soon as we get home and get settled!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nana's Little Chefs

For Christmas, my mom (aka Dare Devil Nana) made the two older Doodlebug girls, aprons and chef hats. Their Christmas gift also consisted of complete kitchen utensils and a cook book. Of course we barely made it home and they were ready to go. They each picked a recipe and Kenna picked oven baked pork chops with apples and Livie pick...big cream cup cakes (something with sugar).

I told my mom that the gift was perfect and also really truly a gift to me. I love getting one on one time with each of my children. They have already picked out the next recipes that they want to try out. I love these pictures to follow....

Livie's finished product.Leave some in the bowl girly!

So excited she is using something electric.

Preparing the apples...

My Kenna Sue Sue... she was so sick of me snapping pictures.

Thank you mom for giving my girls a piece of my childhood.

This and That...

Diamond in the Rough?

  • Over Christmas we bought a building, yup a building. Actually shall I say we are buying a building, a commercial piece of property. We are mulling over too many ideas as to what to do with it. A few years ago the Lord gave me the name of a consignment store, and I hope to open it on the property. Now when I say commercial property I mean a diamond in the rough we hope. There is mucho work to be done on the mucho I mean ALOT!!!!! I would like to see the building turned into three units and lease out the other two. The Chief and I are praying about what God wants us to do with it. All this is down the road, so we shall see.
  • My little man is now 3 months old. He is such a joy and last week laughed really hard out loud. The DB's 1 and 2 started school yesterday and all of us were ready. They had a great day.
  • My house is still not finished, my contractors have "disappeared" and my railing for the porch is sitting on the porch, the steps need to be covered/re-built and two shudders are STILL's not pretty...I still have sheets or blankets hanging on the windows AANNNDDD I am still waiting on new carpet...AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • We are running out of space in this house as, we know Grant will need to bunk with his brother sometime this summer. Now, I love to rearrange furniture so try and keep up with this one...Chief and I are moving into the living room (I am excited about this as I always thought it would make a very nice bedroom) the boys will move into our room (we will set up an extra bed as the Chief put out word to the DFCS ladies that we would like to foster some little boys 0-2 years), the DB's girls will take the back of the house with DB #1 in her own room and #2 and #3 DB in the big room in the very back of the house. O.K. then we will attempt to make our dining room (which we do not use as our living room. Then...yes there is more the new Florida room on the back will be turned into the dining room/a place to eat (this is a maybe). My kitchen will hold a table, but the Florida room will hold a bigger I have my work cut out for me!
  • Ema (DB #3) had pre-op is Monday I will know Friday what time. My precious Mom will be coming on Sunday and will get the girls off to school and keep Gunner at least, I may leave Grant as he is doing slightly better on the bottle. It's still NOT his favorite by any means, but if he is hungry he will eat.My MIL will keep Joel and I company at the hospital.
  • I still have and am married to the greatest man God ever created!!! He works his butt off for this family and that doesn't come without a price. We miss him when he has busy weeks, it's tough, it's stressful.
  • I am getting over DB #4's new hair cut, I do miss his hair still.
  • I cooked an entire family meal last night with a 3 month old on my hip start to finish. To feed my family we used an entire bag of chicken, 8 squash, and two boxes of rice. Chief said I will have to work just for that grocery bill...No, I don't even have any teenagers yet!!! No we did not have ANY leftovers either.

Well, is all this more than you wanted to know about us???? Probably, huh?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday...Post # 9

Well, well, well, would you look at that...IT'S MONDAY! Head over to MCK for more not me's.

  • I did NOT have to hold back the tears when for Christmas I did NOT receive not one but two guns...yes guns from the Chief. I was NOT sooooooo excited that I could hardly contain myself....these were NOT tears of joy...:-( 'cause I am ALWAYS grateful for whatever I get for Christmas, 'cause it's the thought that counts right???? GUN's????
  • I did NOT forget to changed Doodlebug #4's sheets after he pee'd in them and then Idid NOT put him to sleep that night in pee-pee sheets, NOPE NOT ME! I am a mother who never forgets to do anything...NOT ME!
  • I did NOT pout and did NOT pitch a fit at the New Years Eve party 'cause the Chief made us go home at 11:00 and I was NOT mad 'cause I was beating my friend in wii boxing. I didn't do this 'cause I knew my little DB was soooo tired and really did need to go home...NOT ME!
  • I did NOT smile when I ran out of Gain and knew I was through with laundry till I got some more....NOT ME I am ALWAYS on top of my laundry.
  • I DID NOT go to a birthday party (that was NOT a sleep over) and leave two Doodlebug's when I left...
  • I do NOT still have my Christmas tree up and I do NOT turn the lights on every evening either...NOT ME!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mrs. Chief

......that's my blog name... since I last posted I have had several comments that 1) fellow bloggers didn't know that the Chief was actually a Chief and 2) where Mrs. Chief came from...

So here's the Chief is an actual Chief. Chief of police that is in our little town...and I am the police chief's wife. Wondering minds want to know? There you go. :-) I aim to please!

I will finally be checking up on all the blogs I have missed over Christmas. The doodlebugs and I needed desperately some quality family time, so my time on the computer has been sparse, and time with my family has been MUCHO!

Note/reminder: Join my "Follow Me" see it? It's right there on the right). Remember there is a special prize (a good one too) for the lucky winner of the number the Chief chose when Mrs. Chief (that's me) reaches 100 followers!

Well I now must go and peek around my favorite sites, see you later!!!! In blogging world that is.