Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Thankfuls...

Well,the kiddies are off to school, although we didn't even get a drop of rain all night this morning looks bleak. As a fellow blogger told me recently "They (our children) are not really ours anyway, they belong to the Lord." This is so very true! So off the girls went under the covering of His precious protection.
O.K. today I am grateful for the little things first, like the Chief is taking the day off to help me get ready for the baby shower tomorrow. I am beside myself to see my mom and sister. I keep asking them to get here early, 'cause no matter what time they get here when they leave it will be all too soon.
Watching the news day before yesterday on the live abortion act (when the baby survives an abortion) I was so convicted about my attitude toward this pregnancy (not Grant, but the pregnancy). Honestly, now this has not been easy for me. Mom, Jen, Shelly and Amy are the few select that I have shared my true feelings with. True, true, true feelings. You can throw Joel in there too (bless his ears)
I turned to Joel and sobbed because I thought "here I am complaining because I didn't want to ever be pregnant again and my life felt interrupted (again, by the pregnancy, not baby). This has been my attitude for at least 3 1/2 months, the first 4 months I was too shell shocked and hysterical and sick to have any opinion at all.
So, today, I am so grateful that God saw fit to make me a mom again, what a surprise that has slowly evolved into quite a pleasant one. I am so undeserving to even be a mom, to know that, that Lord loves me enough to place His precious child in my care is a great compliment. This only gives me yet another chance to be the mom that my mom is and was, it gives me the opportunity to rear a precious child for the Kingdom of God.
I love you my baby Grant, I am thrilled waiting for your arrival, you truly are a miracle baby and I can't wait to see what the Holy Spirit has in store for your life!


Janine said...

So glad He is in control! You ARE blessed! love

Jon said...

You are amazing and an awesome mother. Love You

Ashley Griffin said...

so did you decide bus or no bus?