Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ema Mimicking Daddy

I walked into the living room today and caught the tail end of the Chief's conversation (with a little echo). This is cute today, however could get annoying REAL fast. Today, however,it was cute!


LaLa said...

how flipping cute! that'll be a video that you'll have to show her when she's older!
love you

Tracy said...

This was tooooo funny! Kaitlyn and I are in orlando for a college recruitment gymnastics camp. She got a big laugh out of this after 8 hours of training in a gym!!! Miss you guys!

Ashley Griffin said...

omg aimee so good to hear from you! i can't believe that you are about to have #5. i thougt i was about to loose my mind with 3. the kitchen is closed for us so..i would love to hear from you again and i will certainly be keeping up with you now!!!