Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Any Takers...

I sent out this e-mail trying to *convince* my family and friends....they will benefit from keeping the Doodlebugs...really they will. Think I will have ANY takers????

That's right...all of you special people have been carefully selected (with much consideration and thought) to have the opportunity to keep...the ones...the only....(drum roll, please).......Jenkins Doodlebugs!!!!! *And the crowd goes wild*!!!!

For the dates of July 11th thru 15th...they could all be yours!!! Well, at least some of them...now this is a first come first serve basis (no crowding ,please) Seriously, there is enough to go around. And here are your choices...

DB #1- Bright, intelligent 7 year old (by then 8) little young lady by the name of McKenna. She is able to function quite on her own. She will be helpful and is quite serious at times....she is schooled in un-loading the dishwasher...and washing her own hair.

DB#2- One precious big gapped tooth 6 year old Olivia...who requires lots of hugs and kisses. She can read for you if you would like and has an infectious laugh...she loves to be in the kitchen and be a "helper" too.

DB #3- If you haven't yet spent time with this outgoing, singing, chipper little four year old, Ema...there is NO time like the present...if you have the ability to listen to chatter ALLDAYLONG...and love to answer the question Why...this ones for you!

DB#4- Boy oh, boy, oh, boy!!! That says it cause' yes he is! Gunner Joel. This little man is a nice one to snatch up. A bit of a cuddler, and one that still takes a nap (should you require an afternoon rest) He loves to be outside "working" and if you got my video earlier...would love for someone to take him to "Play Golf" *snickering*

NOW!!!!! A Surprise...

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

There is a slight chance...

Should he be willing... that...

DB#5-Grant, may be staying back as well, while mommy and daddy get much needed R&R for the first time in 8 years!!!!!! Should this ADORABLE baby be eating self-sufficiently by July...He could be all yours to do with as you like. He is sooo sqishable, kissable, hugable, unable to talk back, run from you, or give you a dirty look. He is an avid Fox news watcher (cause he has no idea what he's watching).

OK should I put up the barriers as you all run, leap and jump at this opportunity????

Let me know...slots will fill up quickly and I can't guarantee you a Doodlebug. Get while the gettins' good!!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Topless In The Laundry Room

Lets play a little game shall we? I will call it, Have You Ever?

Have you ever thought it was a good idea to eat your child's lollipop because she was screaming bloody murder while taking a nice brisk walk through the quite neighborhood and thought that that was the perfect time for her to throw the worst tantrum she has had in months? So you ate her lollipop, not to teach her a lesson but because you were so mad at her?

Have you ever been thrown unexpectedly into some "make believe" wrestling move, because during quite the "intimate" moment with your spouse you look up and see two little eyes peering into your door way...only to hear your spouse claim very loudly..."Mommy and Daddy are just wrestling sweetie", and you say "I think you broke something."under your breath?

Have you ever left a shirt in your dryer and thought you could just quickly dash out to the dryer topless, and finish dressing out there...only to realize your shirt and bra are in fact in the house. And to make things better, someone is knocking on your back door and you are stuck in the laundry room? So quickly you decide to slip on the first shirt you see (which is the hubby's) and you answer the back door dripping wet hair in a shirt that states :"Top 10 dumbest ways to get arrested"?

Have you ever cried because you couldn't find your fat jeans anywhere in the house? So you decided the next best thing is to wear your fat (old lady) underwear. Then you spend the entire time outandabout..."fixing" that never ending wedgie hoping nobody can see you?

Have you ever nursed your baby while grocery shopping with four other Doodlebugs, only to "switch" sides to which your oldest doodlebug girls announces your boob is showing. Yeah seeing as you forgot to pull the other side of your shirt down when making the "switch".

Have you ever worked for well over an hour to get "loaded" into the car. Just when you get in the car you remember you left your sunglasses, then when you are one step down off the porch you realize you left your ATM card (turn around), then you get buckled and WHAT! Where are your keys? Man. So have you ever finally gotten on your way, made it through check out and then it happens...it's like your baby decided to eliminate all it had eaten in the last 14 days while in line at Wal-Mart...then while in the bathroom and all the kids playing in the water that comes on by itself, do you then realize...of all the things you remembered to go back and get...WIPES WERE NOT ONE OF THEM!

Have you ever left one or two Doodelbugs on another isle while you just shopped away!

Have you ever considered a a grocery shopping trip a sucess when only four eggs, one yogurt, and one jar or dill relish get s dropped and broken?

ANDLASTBUTNOTLEAST....Have you EVER left small (could be hazardous) items on the floor for your baby to get a hold to?

No? Really you haven't? Well, me either...WHEW! That's really good to know.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rain Rain...I am going INSANE!!!!

It's coming down , down, down....and with two toddlers this is never a good sign. The Doodlebugs tree house is a lake...heck my whole back yard is a lake! Being cooped up in my house for days on end is freakin' exhausting.

The babies are restless...then I get the two Doodlebugs home from school after sitting for 8 hours and they go nuts until dinner time....then argue because "why do we have to bathe?, we didn't even go outside?" "Well, do we HAVE to wash hair?" Oh, and did I mention that I also keep two other children after school Monday thru Thursday? Yup, that right! 7 kiddos every day. The hours from 2:30- 5:30 are torture if you are stuck inside. Like nails on a achalk board. Walking on glass. Having your toe nails pulled out...you get the point.

Oh, and my poor Chief. He has stayed wet pretty much since last weekend, and yessirrie...you guesses it it's gonna rain another 3-4 days at least. OHMYGRAVY!!! Poor public servent he is.

I will take pictures. Wanna know what my truest night mare come true would be? Next week is Spring break. (me doing Home Alone) AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I am also in the process today of pretending my baby boy is NOT getting sick. Seeing as I saw every hour on the hour last night I concede that I AM in fact kidding myself.

ANNNNDDDD to top things off, I get the distinct pleasure of taking not 1, not 2, not3, YES 4 Doodlebugs to dentist appointments tomorrow!!!! Can it get any better? We will start at 10:00 and I bet you a million dollars...not a drop of rain will fall until I pull up into the parking lot...WATCHAWANNA BET???