Sunday, August 24, 2008

Damage of Fay

Together with these pictures we have about 3 lakes in the back yard. The ground will not hold another ounce of water.
The Chief worked nearly 48 straight hours clearing roads and watching for floods, I saw him occasionally when he would come in soaked to the bone and change clothes only to head back out again after an hour power nap. Thank god for Red Bull and coffee! I am glad the worse is over with although now we are under tornado watches and it just down poured AGAIN!!!!!! We are gonna be doing yard work for solid month!
Our Road

One side of the property

and...the other side

Just alot of firewood the Chief says!


Jen Talley said...

Good Grief Aimee...I had no idea things were so bad at your house.

prechrswife said...

Goodness! I think Fay was worse on y'all than it was on us!