Monday, August 25, 2008

And Again Tomorrow

Just got word from an inside school again tomorrow!!! So here's the deal, the Flint won't crest until Thursday, just tell me now if it's gonna be an all week thing!

I had my OB appointment this a.m. IN THE DARK! Very interesting. Grant looked o.k. on the mini portable ultrasound machine. I finally succumbed to pain medication for the hernia (umbilical) I waited as long as I could. Then we trotted over to the Dr. office, I had suspected Doodlebug #2 had an ear infection and sure enough she did, we had to park on the street 'cause the parking lot was totally flooded.

Picked up the Chief (oh, the joys of a one vehicle family) from his second job and came home and CRASHED. I did one of those...."I slept way too hard" naps. It was great.

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