Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing Blog Catch Up...

.....obviously I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed my Doodlebugs for the summer, as blogging has taken a back seat. We have been so busy! We had vacation, we spent that time around semi-locally and it worked out great! We were able to hire a baby sitter so we could both enjoy the older DB's on our many outings. I would so do it again, it was definitely the way to go until they are a bit older.

Then the Chief and I left on a great little get away. We went to Savannah for 5 days. The Chief had his annual Georgia Chief's of Association convention and I tagged along for the trip. originally I was going to take DB #5, then I really felt that the Chief and I really needed this time alone. So I did what I have NEVER done with any other DB in the history of having all the DB's...I left them. It was very hard, for me and for the DB's. However, they survived and so did I!

Our wonderful friends Greg and Karen Toole were a God send. One thing they did for us besides keeping all 5 DB's was that they came into our home and kept them in their environment. My girls love Mrs. Karen and her daughters and the boys love Mr. Greg. I was so at peace being gone for that long. I truly am thankful for Karen and Greg.

The Chief and I spent such wonderful time together. We talked and talked and used that time to pray over some matters and situations in our life right now. The Lord truly met us and like minded we became and some decisions were made.

School starts all too soon around here, we are winding down on summer vacation. All the DB's have "shot" up this Summer and DB #2 is about to pass #1. I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer.

So the next few weeks will be getting ready for school. This year will be different as we are looking into a few things to throw into the mix around here. (more on that later.)