Friday, August 8, 2008

Why I Hate Buying Underwear While Pregnant

So when I was pregnant with Doodlebug #1 I was GINORMOUS! When we got to the hospital for induction I realized I had no underwear, so the Chief scooted off to Wally World and came back with a pack especially for me. I opened the package and unfolded the 18 yards of material (oh, I mean pair of underwear). I asked the Chief, "What am I suppose to do with these? Wear them or fly them as a kite?" "Were you planning on pitching a tent or something?" These things were GINORMOUS (notice the similarities we already had in common).

So anyway, he said, "Well that's all you have so your gonna have to wear them". So off ( I waddled) to the bathroom I grumbled upset that he even (had the notion) to think I was that big, anyway. I stated things like, "There never gonna fit" "I am going to be so uncomfortable constantly pulling them up...blah, blah blah"

One minute later...the stupid things fit. Whatever.

So yesterday I realized the inevitable had happened. I can no longer wear my cute Victoria Secret underwear. I think it was the comment from my "Cute" Doodlebug #3 about me not having any underwear on when I was dressing...o.k. see I did and apparently they had "Disappeared". So, I will have to go to Wally World and purchase the big panties to make it through the remainder of the pregnancy. I suppose I will measure my GINORMOUS hips before I go (if they make a tape measure that big).

The good news is that if I ever decided to "Go Green" I can reuse them for things like flying kites on a windy day, pitching a tent, make the girls matching outfits, sail a small boat, or re-cover a piece of furniture. See there is always a bright (yeah right) side to everything. Whatever!


LaLa said...

my favorite is making the girls matching outfits... nice.

miss you, love you!

Jen Talley said...

ROFL.....Oh I remember those days!!!! YOu are so freakin funny!!!! Miss you like crazy!!!

Ashley Griffin said...

That is sooo funny, but true! I hated the granny pannies too!

Cathy said...

Actually granny panties are mighty comfy. Yeah, I wear granny panties - always have, always will.