Monday, May 2, 2011

She's Baaaccckkkkk!!!!

 4 500 hundred years ago , my (young) BFF went off to college, well not really but it's felt like FOREVER! But this past weekend...waaa-laaa!! She moved home and I was absolutely beyond excited.  To show her my utmost devotion I worked like a dog the good friend I am and together we got her mostly situated in her new home. I do SO love this beautiful young lady.

We have the most unlikely friendship. Did I tell you she started off as the Doodlebugs #1 and #2's babysiter? Yes, she was the ONLY girl the Chief and I trusted in this new town when we moved here. She was quiet and I had to carry if not pull a conversation outta her (i wouldn't know anything about that, cause I will talk to a stick if I think for a second itwill talk back to me). Then somewhere along the years...she crossed over (she's sly like that) and she was family.

We love her, the Doodlebugs adore her, and we are so happy she is home! She has been missed all these years away getting all educated/smarter than me ans stuff. Do you wanna meet my La? You can right here. Oh, and she is suppose be giving me my very own blog post outta pure payment for scrubbing her toilet love.

Love you La, and I am so happy you have come home to your BFF family.