Thursday, January 8, 2009

This and That...

Diamond in the Rough?

  • Over Christmas we bought a building, yup a building. Actually shall I say we are buying a building, a commercial piece of property. We are mulling over too many ideas as to what to do with it. A few years ago the Lord gave me the name of a consignment store, and I hope to open it on the property. Now when I say commercial property I mean a diamond in the rough we hope. There is mucho work to be done on the mucho I mean ALOT!!!!! I would like to see the building turned into three units and lease out the other two. The Chief and I are praying about what God wants us to do with it. All this is down the road, so we shall see.
  • My little man is now 3 months old. He is such a joy and last week laughed really hard out loud. The DB's 1 and 2 started school yesterday and all of us were ready. They had a great day.
  • My house is still not finished, my contractors have "disappeared" and my railing for the porch is sitting on the porch, the steps need to be covered/re-built and two shudders are STILL's not pretty...I still have sheets or blankets hanging on the windows AANNNDDD I am still waiting on new carpet...AHHHHHHHH!!!!!
  • We are running out of space in this house as, we know Grant will need to bunk with his brother sometime this summer. Now, I love to rearrange furniture so try and keep up with this one...Chief and I are moving into the living room (I am excited about this as I always thought it would make a very nice bedroom) the boys will move into our room (we will set up an extra bed as the Chief put out word to the DFCS ladies that we would like to foster some little boys 0-2 years), the DB's girls will take the back of the house with DB #1 in her own room and #2 and #3 DB in the big room in the very back of the house. O.K. then we will attempt to make our dining room (which we do not use as our living room. Then...yes there is more the new Florida room on the back will be turned into the dining room/a place to eat (this is a maybe). My kitchen will hold a table, but the Florida room will hold a bigger I have my work cut out for me!
  • Ema (DB #3) had pre-op is Monday I will know Friday what time. My precious Mom will be coming on Sunday and will get the girls off to school and keep Gunner at least, I may leave Grant as he is doing slightly better on the bottle. It's still NOT his favorite by any means, but if he is hungry he will eat.My MIL will keep Joel and I company at the hospital.
  • I still have and am married to the greatest man God ever created!!! He works his butt off for this family and that doesn't come without a price. We miss him when he has busy weeks, it's tough, it's stressful.
  • I am getting over DB #4's new hair cut, I do miss his hair still.
  • I cooked an entire family meal last night with a 3 month old on my hip start to finish. To feed my family we used an entire bag of chicken, 8 squash, and two boxes of rice. Chief said I will have to work just for that grocery bill...No, I don't even have any teenagers yet!!! No we did not have ANY leftovers either.

Well, is all this more than you wanted to know about us???? Probably, huh?


Jen Talley said...

I know about the food. We are having to get the family size packages of stuff now. And we rarely have leftovers either.

Davisix said...

Thanks for the comment Aimee...I really appreciate it. And I LOVE the building you bought. Its so quiant and I can picture what you are going to do with it. :) Liked all your other this and that's too. xo Ang

Anonymous said...

First off congratulations on the purchase of your new building. I do hope and pray that this is the opportunity you have been waiting for and you will see your consignment shop up in no time :)
I can relate to you on the whole food issue, I always feel like I have made a ton of food only to have it all eaten...Have a great day!

Alicia said...

Oh my about full plate over there!! Wow..the possibilites are endless w/ the new building! I'm excited to see what you'll do with it!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

That is awesome about the building. I will be praying for your DB. I have been...just hadn't heard or read any updates. Exactly what will they be doing? I must have missed that post, but not sure how. Please fill me in if I did miss the post.
I love rearranging too...have fun!

Kim said...

How exciting about the building!
and did I read correctly? more babies? As for the food, my two eat so little, it is almost like still cooking for only two people.

momstheword said...

How exciting! I do suggest that you research the HR 4040 CPSIA law on the internet as that will affect you if you open a consignment shop and plan on selling children's clothing (under 12) because that law will make it illegal to sell toys, cribs, pacifiers, etc. and possibly even clothes or shoes.

They are saying that children's apparel will be able to be sold because they obviously don't contain lead, but others are saying you won't be able to sell children's clothes because part of the law says that everything intended to be sold for children 12 and under must be tested, even if it doesn't contain lead...and that would mean clothes.

Anyway, thought you might want to think about that if you're going to open a children's consignment shop.

It does sound like a lovely idea and how fun to be able to be your own boss!

I hear ya about the food. We are so trying to cut down on our grocery bill around here!

Cathy said...

Have you ordered from Angel Food Ministries? I am doing this monthly and being VERY satisfied with the fruits and veggies and meat boxes. Saves money, I promise!

Several of us in the school system are ordering for ourselves!

Are you serious about foster parenting? Awesome!