Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thought I Would Change Things Up A Bit...

Well you know how I NEVER talk about the Doodlebugs...I NEVER post pictures....Never blog about their cute happenings? I thought I would remedy that today! :-)

So this post is for my chunky monkey doodlebug #5...who is a whopping 7 months and 22 pounds! I think he is trying for a tie in the weight contest as the Chief was 30 pounds at 10 months....he is on his merry eating way! He is crawling and pulling up in his crib now. He is talking and already looked right at the Chief directly and uttered those words...DA-DA!

Doodlebug #1 and #2 are working on his clapping abilities on demand. He just about has it. We are a "wrestling match friday night" kind of family and Doodlebug #5 attended his first match last week...getting right into the mix of EVERYTHING and loved every minite of it! I hope you enjoy Grant's happenings, he is a complete joy and a blessing to our family.

You can totally tell he was in a fit of laughter!

First Beach Trip

Blue Eyes (He gets them from his Mommy Papa!)

Just a day in the life of living with a 4 year old sister!


Allison said...


LaLa said...

cute cute pics! i love the laughing video! :)

prechrswife said...

Oh, heavens! I can't let Mary Joyce see that sticker picture, or she will get ideas. She LOVES stickers, and she LOVES her baby brother...bad combination! :-)

And, wow, Grant is a big boy! Absolutely adorable, too.

stacey said...

the kids are precious! if they just would not grow up quite so fast!