Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Beeba and PawPaw

My Beeba and my PawPaw came for a (too) short visit on Sunday afternoon. Now these are my Daddy's parents and the ONLY set of living Great Grandparents on either side that the Doodelbug's have. All morning we prepared for them to come and the DB's were all outside waiting for the arrival when the van pulled up caring 4 very special people (my mom and daddy came too).
We had a GREAT, energized visit and it ended all too quickly. Thank you Beeba and PawPaw for coming to see us and for loving us so dearly. We love you and miss you already....the Doodlebugs sure do too!
Beeba, PawPaw, Me, My Mom, My Daddy, and DB's 1-5
Beeba, PawPaw, Me, Mom and Dad
(BTW, My beautiful Mom will be 60 this year. you would never know it!)

Beeba Stealing Grant's Kisses Anyway She Can Get Them
Beeba and Ema Moore
PawPaw and Grant (I will treasure this picture forever)
I love you my Beeba and PawPaw with all that I have.


Kim said...

Great pictures Aimee! I have no living Grandparents.

.Keli. said...

So glad you had fun! Yep, memories in the making!! I love it and I love the picture with Grant and PawPaw!! All of them are good!

Allison said...

So sweet Aimee. Those pictures are so special.

Allison said...
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