Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doodlebug #1...our conversation

McKenna Rose

My Sweet Daughter

So last week I took Doddlebug #1 out for some needed "girl time". She was such a tremendous help while everyone was sick. In fact, she started loading and unloading the dishwasher and bringing everyone glasses of ice water and Popsicle's without being asked. Not to mention, vacuuming and just asking me if I needed her to do thoughtful. So, I took her for her first mani/pedi.

I told her she could pick ANY color she wanted and I would not say a word. So we walked out of the salon with neon blue fingernails and neon green toenails with white and pink flowers. Needless to say she pretty much glowed in the dark!

On our way home, Kenna expressed how much fun she had and enjoyed being with just me and not being interrupted while trying to talk, she also expressed that "next" week when she had special time with daddy she would go somewhere he could look at motorcycles...still so thoughtful.

Our conversation that I want to share went like this...

Kenna- "Mommy?" "Do you think I am old enough to be sabotaged?"

Mommy- "Um, well Kenna tell mommy what do you exactly mean by "sabotaged"?"

Now clearly I understood that she must have the WRONG word, after all what six year old know what "sabotaged" means?

Kenna- " You know mommy, like after you ask Jesus in your heart and they put you under the water?"

Mommy- "Kenna, do you MEAN baptized?" "Like being SUBMERGED in water?"

Kenna- "Yes, ma'am, that's what I meant."



LaLa said...

how sweet :) i bet the mani/pedi was so much fun! i'm so excited i get to see you this weekend! yay!

Cathy said...

I believe baptism is in her future.

Aimee said...

Most definitely, we are looking at going to Albany so my dad can baptize her as he did my siblings and I. I can hardley wait for the day!