Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Few Things I want To Share!

My Miracle Baby His hair is so very blond!
The House Is Trucking Right Along!
One Day We Will Be Finished

-O.k. so the house is is still being worked on . All 15 new windows are in and the two french doors have been delivered! It's constant banging and hammering and nail guns around here. I can't wait for the finished product.
-I had to post pictures of the littlest Doodlebug. He is awake more and more every week. He is still a dream night sleeper at least 6-7 hours at a time. Or at least until my (lets say) nursing "instincts" tell me to go wake him :-).
-I miss my little Doodlebugs #3 and 4. They have been gone since Saturday staying in Albany with Nana and Papa. I get the best phone calls with all the going abouts of the day! They will be back by the weekend, then the "vacation" is OVER!
-Gas in Bainbridge is $2.32...I know you are jealous, huh?
-I AM going on a date the hubby TONIGHT! I am so excited. I think we will head to Tallahassee for dinner. My wonderful friend Tori is taking the girls to church with her and they may spend the night in case we run late.
Well, I guess that's all for the updates. Oh, yeah. I was feeling good enough on Sunday for a very quick trip to take the baby to see my MIL. She was able (after some crafty situation of pillows) to hold Grant. Of course, she says he is the Chief made over! I am glad we got to do that.
Again my nursing instincts tell me to go wake Grant, so morning nap is over and onto the rest of the day. I hope everyone has a prosperous one!


LaLa said...

oh how i love that first picture:)

i am jealous of gas. it dropped to 2.69 here last night!

Ashley Griffin said...

glad things are going well and you will be able to go on that date. just disappointed i am not getting to keep Grant... :(

Cathy said...

Beautiful pictures! Especially of Grant.
Hope you enjoy the pictures of Doodlebug #2 I sent you!

prechrswife said...

Glad to hear things are going well! Love the new pictures of Grant, and have a great time on your date. :-)