Monday, June 15, 2009

Our Life.... full to say the least. I thought Summer vacation would be filled with lazy days and such. Ha! No such luck. I am still keeping my two "other" babies three days a week for the Summer. We are busy. Last week I found a VBS that was in the morning time and the Doodlebug's had an absolute blast. The one that was fun to watch was DB #4, he FINALLY got to go and hung strong throughout the whole week. The people that are painting our house (inside) started bringing their grand-daughter, so most days I took 7 kids to VBS, and had 8 here in the afternoons....CRAZY!

The Chief and I are planning a mini vacation, because of $$ we are going to have a "pretend" vacation and stay at home. Hopefully people will leave us alone for a week. We are going to have to hide our cars (and no I am NOT joking). Because of the Chief's position people are dropping by our house all the time, weather he is working or not. Some people think he is available 24, 7 days a week. We are planning several day trips here and there. Hopefully we will make it to the beach for at least a day trip.

Oh, how I wish we had the $$ to stay a week at the beach somewhere. Would you believe me if I told you we will be married for 10 years in Dec. and have NEVER been on a "real" vacation. No I am not joking. I am looking forward to just being with my husband and doodlebug's for a solid week, no cell phone, no computer (maybe just a little check in now and then) and no where to be, kids to watch (cept, my own)....I will choose to be grateful we are getting to do this if nothing else.

Have I mentioned lately, that the Chief works two near bout full time jobs. By fault the Chief is a work-a-holic however I miss him. I miss him when three or four days go by and I don't see him. To this day (other than my daddy) I do not know a man that works as hard as the Chief does. Chief's profession does not afford us a lavish lifestyle, infact, you would seize up if you knew what we manage to live on.... he is my provider and protector and I love him with all I have because of his dedication to his family.

So we will enjoy every moment of our "fake" vacation here at Casa Da La is your Summer going?


momstheword said...

Totally understand about the vacation. There are just some jobs that are hard to get away from.

People feel bad when they have to call, but sometimes they have to, and sometimes they don't and call anyway, lol!

Definitely don't answer the phone.

My hubby is going to take a stay-at-home vacation this summer too. He will have to not answer the phone and avoid facebook too, I think!

Jen Talley said...

I know he works hard sweetie!!! He is amazing and you are both testimonies to God's goodness. I know you wil have a wonderful Vacation.

Kim said...

That was a very sweet post. I do hope you get to enjoy your vacation!

Allison said...

People stop by our house too! They ask for this and that and most of the time my husband isn't even home. I feel you there! Sometimes the best "vacays" are at home :)

Anita said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about never having a "real" vacation! We've been married 13 years and never had a honeymoon or vacation...nothing comes to mind that even remotely resembled a vacation :( It's been over 3 years since we've gone anywhere w/o children ::::sigh:::::

I hope ya'll enjoy your vacation at home, and get to catch up on some much needed family time :)