Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still Here!

I am I swear...I know you all have just been checking SERVERAL times a day to see if I have posted... just waiting on the edge of your seats. Well here's what you have to look forward to tomorrow!!!!

Doodlebug #3's Princess Girls Only Christmas Birthday Party

Doodlebug #5's 8 week update

Doodlebug #'s 1 and 2 Christmas program

Day #4 of the Love Dare

I have plenty to post...just trying to find the time to sit and do it!


Anita said... that's why you have that counter on you can tell when we just need another dose of ya! It's like you were looking over my shoulder or something :) Looking forward to your new posts!

Cathy said...

love the new decorating on the page! Cute picture at the top too!

Ashley Griffin said...

okay several things... i love the picture of you and mei

love the new christmas makeover

LOVE the christmas header picture!!!!! everyone looks so cute and all the dresses and outfits are BEAUTIFUL!!!

can't wait to hear about the dare

how is the ice skating going :)