Friday, August 1, 2008

First Day Of School

The girls started school today. They had a fantastic day. I kept busy, but thought of them often and was on the edge of my seat come 2:30 this afternoon. Doodlebug #1 said her day was boring...I assured her that things would pick up next week. Doodlebug #2 loved her painting project and had a good day she said, she although is very tired (she still will take a nap everyday at home, but no more naps at school!).

Doodlebug #1 said she would like her and sissy to look alike so they could see each other easily in the lunchroom and hallways. I felt she was calming her own fears and that was just fine with me. So off went the "twins" . (please don't mind the ugly porch, and yes Dad I have managed to keep my ferns ALIVE!)

I thought Doodlebug #2 looked so cute with her hand on her hip!

McKenna found a desk and was ready to go!

No one could pry Liv's back pack off of her, don't let that look fool you, she was shooting us the "get out of here, mom and dad!" look. She was so very excited she made it to K-5! I think she thought we were cramping her style :-)

Anyway, the doodlebug babies and I went and hung out with a friend for the day and ticked away the hours until we picked up "sissies". We were so glad to see them again! Here's to a great year!


Cathy said...

I missed not seeing the doodlebugs today, but will see them next week for sure!

LaLa said...

i love all the pictures! i can't wait to see you again! i love you so much!

Jen Talley said...

Yay for the big girls!!! They look so cute!!!