Monday, December 1, 2008

Not Me Monday...Post #5...Special Addition- Me and Mom!

Alright ladies it's "grab your extra pair of panties" time...head over to MCK for more Not Me's! I have a special addition Not Me today as it will entail some of my Mom's Not Me's over Thanksgiving! Enjoy
  • Mom and I did NOT put the most gigantic pan of stuffing on the stove to get to room temperature and then Mom did NOT turn on the wrong eye of the stove and then did NOT proceed to BLOW UP THE STUFFING! Glass everywhere food ruined. I also could NOT NOT think of anything to say but "Please don't cry Mom, Please don't cry" to which mom did NOT reply and I quote "I am so gonna cry".
  • Mom/Nana did NOT accept a "double dare" from her 8 year old grandson and then did most certainly NOT proceed to ride her 7 year old granddaughters bicycle down a steep hill. Then of course my mother did NOT "bottom out" and instead of standing right up, she did NOT hold on to the handle bars and let that bike ride her! Nope she didn't! She also did NOT then proceed to "bounce" off the back tire and land most gracefully in the grass. Nope not my mom!
  • I did NOT catch the WHOLE thing on video...NOT ME!
  • Mom has NOT forbidden me from posting the video!
  • I am NOT secretly very disappointed that I cannot share said video!
  • Mom and I both did NOT pee our pants with laughter after the bike riding, double daring "incident"
  • I did NOT just between last two NOT ME's have to change doodlebug #5's diaper and did not sling a drop of hand sanitizer in his eye...Nope Not Me! OUCH!
  • He is also NOT screaming.
  • I do NOT for a minute think that I could win the $100,000 prize if I submitted my "Nana Bottoms Out On Bike" video to America's Funniest Videos. No NOT me.
  • I did NOT alreay spend my $100,000 in my head. No Not Me.
  • I did not take/sneak two Leapsters and put them in my buggy well before 5:00a.m. on Black Friday even though the Wal-Mart employee was watching me like a hawk. No Not Me.
  • I did NOT go ballistic when on Tuesday on my way home the Chief called and told me how great the pecan pie was...yeah that meant he ate it! That pie was going to Albany for Thanksgiving. I also could not, NOT think of anything to say but, "You better run and NOT be there when I get home!" Not Me.

Alright ladies hope you enjoyed I am laughing just re-living them. Have a happy NOT ME MONDAY!


Anonymous said...

Ok, you about made me pee my pants when reading this. Oh, I wish you could get the video to work.

Aimee said...

@ tollesons4him- Oh, the video does work! I just had to swear on my first born, cross my heart and hope to die, put my hand on a bible, pinky promise and "look" her in the eye that I would not post it on the internet!! Although she said NOTHING about network television!

Kelly said...

I just love Josh Groban. Love your "not me" list. Needed a laugh!! Have a great week new friend.

He And Me + 3 said...

OK, your mom wins the funniest Not me award today. That is hysterical. I am busting a gut over here and crying real tears that is so funny. Please share the video. Great list today!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh...HILARIOUS!! Too funny about the bike!!

Oh, and bummers on the stuffing!!! I bet that was a humongo mess to clean up!

Hope said...

Oh my goodness, I had the EXACT same stuffing incident about four years ago! It was my first Thanksgiving to host and I had done all these delicious recipes and busted my rear-end. It blew up right as soon as everything was done. I was holding it when it exploded, so I was embarrassed but grateful that I still had my eyesight and only a few cuts on my arms!

My Dad was scooping glass out of everything. I just told him to go to KFC because I didn't want anyone accidentally eating glass! I still get teased about it annually. I learned my lesson and all my side dishes are baked in aluminum pans now!

Tell your Mom I sympathize with her and am glad no one got hurt!

Ashley Griffin said...

OMGOSH!!! the dressing exploded!! that is classic!!

Shannon said...

Great list! Your mom sounds like a lot of fun.

momstheword said...

You are so funny!!! It was not me suggesting that you "guilt" grandma into it by saying it's for the children's education....sob, snort, sniff!!! It was not me that laughed because you had to clean up the stuffing....

BTW, soup goes everywhere too when you spill a bowl of it...not that it happened to me or anything.

It's not me saying that my hubby would be making pecan pie or he would be making his bed on the couch, lol!