Sunday, November 30, 2008

Climax, GA

That's the name of the town we live in. It's a small town between Bainbridge, GA and Cairo, GA. Everyday at 12 and 6 the church bells ring and or play a hymn one street over from our home. Climax is the highest point in Decatur County hence it's name. Anyway, my hubby the Chief is the police chief of our town, we live next door to the mayor and it's just a sweet town of "yester year". The home we live in was built in 1912 and is an old farm house, we have a small pecan grove adjacent to the property and we love it! We have a total community of about 300.
Anyway, Climax is most known for the title "Home of Swine Time". Yup, it's a pig festival. I asked the Chief what are the Swine celebrating (he didn't know) but we know this town LOVES pigs! So every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving is the Swine Time festival. We walk down to the morning parade and then walk the festivities until we are ready for funnel cakes and candied apples...It's a fun day for sure.
Yup, Kissing Pigs!Here comes Daddy! The Chief Leads the Parade!

Kenna chose the bungee as her "ride" (, stuff is expensive)

Leaving our house to walk down to Main Street

We truly appreciate this town. It's hard to find small sweet towns, towns that you only read about or hear about!


He And Me + 3 said...

Sounds so sweet! I used to live in one of those towns. Sure do miss it now. Cute outfits on the girls too:)

Shannon said...

Sounds like a neat town to live in. Ours is small too but not as cutsie. I love parades and funnel cakes!

Tracy said...

Cute Pics! All those stripes on your matching they are!
I'm coveting your front porch..forgive me Lord! Love you!

Keli said...

What a fun little town! I love it! Your kids are little dolls! Can I babysit some time? : ) xo Keli

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

I am new here! What a great blog! ♥ Hugs!

Ashley Griffin said...

i love it... a pig parade!!!

Cathy said...

Fun post! I love the leaves scattered on the porch!

Amanda said...

What a beautiful family and a wonderful place to live and a really awesome life! I lvoe it and hope to be there too someday... maybe not Climax, but somewhere where people matter more than stuff!

God bless-

Kelly said...

What a cool header pic. Love it!! We live near a very quaint town. I love walking around, hearing the bells on the hour and sitting in the cafe!! I only wish I lived closer!! Our Christmas parade is this weekend! I can't wait!!