Thursday, December 4, 2008

Love Dare Day #3

Well, instead of laying out the Chief's clothes this morning I woke up mouth wide open about to say..."It's Thursday! Did you take out the garbage?" Now my hubby came in at 3:30a.m. (remember 2 jobs) so it was 6:40a.m. Normally I do get him up, well 'cause it's his job to do the trash and he nine times out of ten forgets. So, guess what (why couldn't it just be laying out the man's clothes or fixing his toothbrush) no I in 32 degrees go outside and roll the trash can to the front.

O.K. here is what I have been thinking about all day. So as I am rolling the trash can I notice that it is light as a feather. Well, see we have two trash cans (big family) when I get it to the curb I open it up and low and behold it's empty. I open the second trash can and it's full, but it's already at the curb.

See, our neighbor (the Mayor) had come over before I made it to the trash can and took it to the curb. He completed my dare. His act of kindness (taking the can to the road) was done because he loves our little family!

I shiver back inside. Wow! So I did lay the Chief's clothes out and I was extra attentive to the Chief today because guess what? Today is our 9 year anniversary. If you haven't read our testimony please do so here. See every year for Joel and I is met with such joy and great fullness.

Day three: Selfishness
When you relinquish your rights for the sake of your mate, you get the chance to lose yourself to the greater purpose of marriage.

I love that "lose yourself". We are talking about laying "self" down, forgetting "self", leaving "self" this would be an easy time to say well, when he shows me...then I will show him. When he does for me...I will do for him. The thing is that as you are doing these dares and practicing selflessness (it's not easy if you are not used to it) it you, us, me are the ones being changed and affected.

When it comes to Joel I don't feel like I have a hard time with selfishness. He pretty much comes first in my life anyway, and his needs as well. However, when Doodlebug #1 was born I practiced the life of "Joel who?" "My husband, what?" he was the last thing i even thought about.

On a side note, can I just say that serving your husband, it not DEMEANING at all. I could go on about this and it wouldn't be pretty, but make his plate, his drink, clear his plate for him. Serve him as you do your children, and do it not looking for anything in return. Regard him more important than yourself (that's biblical truth).

Along with restraining from negative comments (what?! are you kidding me?!)buy your spouse something that says "I was thinking about you today".

So I may have to do this tomorrow, but I did surprise Joel this week with a hunting rifle he wanted, I called the man told him to tell the Chief he had sold it. I had full intentions on keeping it until Christmas, but when the Chief found out it was sold he sulked like a little baby. So I gave it to him early! I loved it and it was great! He was shocked, and I had a TON of fun teasing him about it being sold.

So tomorrow I will go get him a card and gum and a Flex magazine. That should do until day #4!

NOTE: Last night Joel was almost hit while on a traffic stop. He had stopped a car and just like you see in the reality television someone was watching the blue lights instead of observing the "move over" law. This man ran into the back of the car infront of him just missing Joel and the car he had stopped. I thank God for His protection over my Chief last night and every other night for that matter.

Chief: I dearly love you. You are my friend, lover, provider, protector, other half, help mate and confidant. I am so thankful to be knitted together with you. I am greatful for the miracle God gave us. I know in my knower, you are forever mine!


Ashley Griffin said...

very sweet and happy happy anniversary! i suggest you do some "ice skating"!

Jen Talley said...

LOL Ashley!!! Happy Anniversary Aim!!!!!! So happy for you both!!! Your doing a grat job on this Love Dare stuff!!!

Amanda said...

This is wonderful! I am also glad your Chief is safe!

Have a wonderful day 4 and 5 and 6! :)

God bless-

He And Me + 3 said...

I agree, you are doing a great job!

Keli said...

I love the dare! I just wish I could get it together and make it a priority! You are doing a wonderful job! And OMGosh, I'm so glad Chief is safe! And Ashley, girl, you and your ice skating!!! LOL!