Friday, December 5, 2008

Bang Disaster Double Whammy Cow Lick!

  • Bright Idea: Got bangs (lots and lots of bangs) yesterday and a hair cut!
  • Didn't See It Coming: Woke up looking like a Cheeha pet, they are WAY out of control.
  • Wish I Could: Win the lottery so I could have my hair dresser live with me!
  • Trying Not To: Scare the public or any small children!
  • Should: Post a picture
  • Scared: I may hear you laughing over the Internet
  • Definitely: Regretting!
  • Wondering: Are Bangs trainable?
  • Hoping: My new bangs grow out really fast
  • Popping: Loads of pre-natal vitamins
  • Wanting: To cry :-(


Davisix said...

OK Aimee...I am NOT laughing.. because I have been there, in that dark place, where you feel as though the hair demons have taken over your scalp. Never fear, the hair angels win every time.. sometimes they're just slow getting around to it. ;) Ang

ahahahah.....your word verification word is "taphat". That's FUNNY!

Anita said... least you've still got your sense of humor about the whole haircut! I must admit..after reading on the first couple comments you posted, I scrolled down to look for a pic :) I think you're just I'm sure the new look isn't bad!! We'll be waiting on that pic though :)

Jen Talley said... sorry. They looked good yesterday, though.

Cathy said...

why are you popping loads of prenatal vitamins?????

Ashley Griffin said...

hahaha!!!! where is the picture? you can't say something like that and not show us!

Aimee said...

@ Anita, thank you such a sweet comment. @Miss Cathy- prenatal vitamins make my hair and nails grow really really fast!!!

LaLa said...

yes- bangs are trainable- i've trained mine.

yes- i wake up looking like a chia pet too so i wash and straighten my bangs.

yes- those bangs will grow out fast. you can always just pin them back.

yes- when i first got my bangs, i thought i looked like i had a mullet but now i couldn't live without them :)

love you, can't wait to see you. i wish i could be at the party today:)

Janine said...

AWE!!!! Aimee! I'm sorry they did know you can make them look good!! You are too pretty!! Pin em back slick em down to the'll pull it off! You could pull anything off, you would need to worry if your face was ugly! lol

Diane said...

I really think you should post your "Bangs" picture along side the video of your mom's going down hill on the 7-year old's bike. Now that would be a "Double whammy"

Keli said...

Awww..that is the worst! They will grow fast! Just slick them over to the side..that's it...a comb over! LOL! Just kidding...I really do feel for you! But you gotta show us a picture! I'm sure they are not as bad as you think! {{hugs}} Keli

Mrs. B said...

Oooohh yes. I have been there like that. Unfortunately, more than once. You would think I'd learn my lesson after the first 2 or 3 times.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am throughly enjoying your immensely. (I should be writing out Christmas cards, but can't seem to pull myself away...)