Saturday, November 1, 2008

Not Me Monday...Post #2

Upon Doodlebug #4 coming in the house and smelling like gasoline,I did not only check his breath to make sure he didn't in jest and send him on his way...No Not Me I am way more cautious than that...I also did not, not blinked an eye when I realized he was trying to burn the ant beds like daddy. (minus the fire, I would have stepped up for that!)

I did not straight face tell Doodlebugs #1 and #2 that they could not play with the Moonsand 'cause I was sure Moonsand was from the Devil, and then when asked how I knew I stated 'cause I was equally sure Jesus would never create something so messy for all Mommy's to have to clean up. No Not Me...

On Wednesday I did not turn my nose up momentarily when I thought the carpet lady had terrible B.O. only to realize it was me! I then in no way at all run to the changing table...scrub down with two baby wipes and re-apply deodorant just in time for the alarm guys to show up. Nope Not Me!

I did not one two separate occasions, just tell the Doodlebugs to just wash their hands, feet, and brush their teeth, then I did not at all throw a couple of baby wipes their way for the "essential" places...and all because I was too tired to do baths x's 4. No Not Me!


Ashley Griffin said...

i can't imagine being too tired for baths x4!! i am by myself all week long and i almost skipped tonight cause hey, they didn't really get all THAT dirty outside!

BTW your code thing that I have to spell says booty hahahaha :)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

You have five children? That in itself is absolutely amazing. I am even more impressed that you find time to blog and be incredibly entertaining to boot.

Just loved your story about BO. Sadly, I must admit that I can completely relate to that. A mother's personal hygiene is always last on the very long list of responsibilities in any given day. There is just no way around it!

-stephanie- said...

I thought Moonsand was cool, until I bought it. I agree it's from the devil and it ended up in the kids sandbox.

Christy said...

ROFLBO! Oh my this was by and far so fabulously funny!!! I'm so glad I found you!