Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fall Festival...Hello November!

To get us out of the house last night we ventured off to church for a Fall Festival. The Chief of course stayed in town to watch over all the kiddies that were out in the neighborhood. So off I went, of course I had to snap a few pictures of the Doodlebug crew!
Doodlebugs 1-5...Goodness I love my sweet babies

For some reason I just love this picture...Gunner kept saying "I got him, Mommy." "I got him."

Precious, Sweet, and Loving

The kids were exhausted when we got home, and I was too. They bounced, played games, road a hayride, and ate candy until their tummy's hurt. I am still so glad Halloween in finally over...welcome November!!


Ashley Griffin said...

you said it!!! bring on thanksgiving now!

~heather said...

oh my WORD! those kids are so adorable, aimee!