Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Costly Mistake...

I am back...did you miss me? I came down Thursday with a terrible uterine infection, but I am feeling much better (I will spare the details).

So onto the current post.

Last Wednesday after I got up from my nap, Joel said I need you to come sit down I have something to talk with you about. He began telling me that while I was sleeping Doodlebug #1's teacher had called and said that for the days of Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday she had not finished her work and was completely spacing out during school. She assured Joel her attitude was o.k. but her focus was not. She continued to suggest she had a bit of "Baby-itis" and for us to expect quite a bit of Incomplete's on her paper work on Friday.

I lost it! What have I done! Poor thing. The Chief had it all planned out. We would sit her down and talk with her after school and then he would take her off for a mani and pedi and to pick out a toy and to dinner out of her choice! Sounds like a plan to me.

Doodlebug gets home- We sit her down (Mommy's trying not to be emotional). We start with- Kenna guess who called mommy and daddy today? Doodlebug looks like a dear in headlights...What do you mean Mommy? I don't understand? I ask her what work she didn't complete and she says there is none. Daddy tells her we love her and we know times are tough, but things will get better and daddy is taking her on a date tonight! Of course she loves this idea, but every time we went back to her work she would cry and say she didn't understand, finally 30 minutes later it just got too strange, she was addiment that her work was done and so on and so on. I finally look at the Chief...heck now I am confused!

The Chief looks at me and says, "Do you think I have the wrong kid?" Are you freakin' kidding me? I grabbed his phone and called the school..."No, Mrs. Jenkins it was Mrs. Maxwell who called..."Lord hold my tongue...PLEASE!!

15 minutes later...conversation with Doodlebug #2. Guess who called mommy and Daddy today?

Boy oh, boy. The Chief then took Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with all Doodlebug girls three date nights with Daddy. Each got a mani/pedi, each got dinner out, each got a shopping spree and we are out about $400...Not to mention he had to promise Doodelbug #1 he would pick her up early from school just so she would switch her date to the next day so Doodlebug #2 could go on the first date.

I am please to announce that for Thursday and Friday Doodlebug #2 came home with all work complete. Can someone please call the Chief and tell him Mommy is not completing all her work and is not focusing? I want a date night!


Ashley Griffin said...

i will be GLAD to call joel and tell him you need a date... only if i get to keep the baby while you are on the date :)

LaLa said...

poor kenna :(

I really did miss your blogs, i've been looking for new posts everyday.

i sent you something in the mall. you should get it soon :) i miss you terribly

Anita said...

You make me laugh! Your girls must think their mommy & daddy is awesome...my daughter doesn't even know what a mani & pedi are! :) The last paragraph of your post cracked me up..lol. We haven't been on a date night in over 2 years!

P.S. Yes....I missed ya! I kept checking for new posts...only to find myself gazing at the same precious pics of baby Grant :)

prechrswife said...

One of those situations where all you can do is laugh. :-)

Janine said...

This is funny! Now that it is over. I am glad you felt well enough to go see MIL. I know that did her a world of good. All your little doodlebugs will be back to normal routine soon and you will be feeling better too! Love ya girl. So glad you feel like writing and oh my goodness I still can't believe that Grant is sleeping so good. That is wonderful.