Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things I know today...random post

1. The Chief works his putootie (made that up) off for this family. He manages two jobs and still comes home helps with doodlebugs x5 and watches BB 10 with me and some F&F. He is the Chief of police of our small town and with that comes major and minor political woes. He works a second job, right now so we can sock away some money so I can take off some time from keeping my after school kiddos when the baby comes! I love him!

2. Baby Grant has "dropped" I know this 'cause my pubic bone is on FIRE! Every time he moves I think I could just reach up "there" and deliver him myself. On an up note...I can breath again!

3. My wedding rings came off was a sad day. :-(

4. I am still peeved with Walmart...and their stinking popcorn chicken...

5. I have never used my doodlebugs first and middle names so much this week! They have been in trouble quite a bit!

6- I miss my mom

7- I have four baskets of laundry to put away this morning...but instead I am blogging.

8- I am so tired.

9- I am so fat.

10- I will make it through the day!


Ashley Griffin said...

AGAIN, i laughed out loud. Remember, in ALL things give thanks. I am currently supposed to be cleaning my house. instead, i am blogging also. you are not alone!

Ashley Griffin said...

Love the new pic by the way!!

LaLa said...

i like th new picture too.

Cathy said...

I really like the new picture. Won't be too much longer will it?

Aimee said...

I bet you can just guess Ms. Cathy who took that picture!!!!

Jen Talley said...

11. You are so amazing and funny and smart and creative and you miss your sissy too. Cause i sure miss you.

Aimee said...

Oh, the guilt sissy!!! I do so miss you...and all the babies! I love you!