Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do These Stripes Make Me Look Fat? Do They?

"Get in my belly"...well if you hear the faint sounds of screaming I am sure it's the sound of the cotton fibers in my shirt begging for mercy! This kind of stretching should be done carefully and in the complete privacy of ones home. Here I am 9 1/2 months along... I am very sorry to say that yes, I wore this shirt today and in public :-) Yes, in public.

I did however put on make up and brush my that helped at all! Seriously, could I get any bigger?

I think the expression on Doodlebug #4's face says it all. It is a look of pure TERROR!
"Please Mommy don't turn suddenly in my direction, I will never be heard from again!"


Cathy said...

uh how pregnant can you GET? WOW.

I didn't see you at school and I think I would have REMEMBERED if I did.

Ashley Griffin said...

no the stripes don't make you look are pregnant. and it is almost over. i don't know about you but i really felt at my best when i was pregnant. i don't mind the being pregnant or even the labor and delivery part. it's the bringing them home right now that i don't want to do. your boys will have so much fun together, you just wait. yeh. you just wait for all the fun they will have at your expense.

LaLa said...

stripEs :) not strips, like chicken strips. i can't wait to see grant. love you

Hope@Pinkadoodledoo said...

Oh Aimee, you are too funny. I think you look beautifully miserable and that is hard to pull off! Not that you look miserable, just that I know how miserable it is at 9 months!

Aimee said...

thank you LA you know how I am with spelling especially when four keys are missing from my key boad!

Ash,no I don'tfeel at me best when pregnant, it could be the four other doodlebugs...but I love the newborn's my favorite time hands down!!!!

Janine said...

do you look fat? no my friend. do you look pregnant? uh oh my! oh my! I think you need to lay down. This does not make me miss that last few weeks. Hang in there girl you soon will be done with this belly. Until then roll carefully off the couch off the bed off the you are always beautiful!I like the family picture I love the back of Gunners lil head.