Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Consumer Reporting (er, nagging...) Does Pay Off!

Apparently Walmart was so distraught over my being upset over the hefty price of their stinking' popcorn chicken, they hopped right on board and fixed the problem....'cause today I noticed a group of fellow popcorn chicken lovers (tired moms with lots of kiddos, trying to cope with grocery shopping) and they had the old popcorn chicken containers with the printed bar code on the side.

Aimee' says to herself, hmmmmm those little suckers have to be scanned NOT weighed!!!! YIPPIE.

Welcome back $1.83 popcorn chicken! Did you miss me as much as I missed you?


Cathy said...

Whew - thought we were going to have a popcorn chicken meltdown. WM must have heard you.

LaLa said...

you are so cute! i agree with mama- walmart must have read your blog

Ashley Griffin said...

they must have read your blog!!!

Jen Talley said...

LOL!!! Too funny!!!