Monday, September 8, 2008

Back To Reality

Well, the visit home was good. We went out shopping early Saturday and Doodlebug #2 had a complete melt down. She was just tired so the shopping wasn't like I envisioned it to be. So my precious Daddy kept the three younger Doodlebug's for naps and Mom, Kenna, and I went back out to finish shopping. I was so tired...then about two hours before we were due for a cook out at my sister's Doodlebug #4 slammed Doodlebug#3's fingers in the office door. About 45minutes we were convinced they were off to the emergency room. X-rays later revealed two badly sprained and bruised little fingers. OUCH! Like a trooper she rallied. We did make the cookout, but I was pretty tired!
I did get all but one item left for baby Grant. I think we are ready! I had an OB appointment this morning for measurement on the baby. He is 5 1/2 pounds with five weeks to go. We will not be stopping any type of labor from here on out because of the umbilical hernia. Dr. Popa will be "checking" me on Monday (fun, fun) so we can get an idea if any to see if my body will go early. There is a chance that I will end up induced up to two weeks early if the hernia gets to be too much of an issue.
The plan for now is to see a surgeon at my 6 weeks post baby check up...then I imagine unless a miracle occurs I will be having some type of hernia repair surgery! So, that's the latest in updates...

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LaLa said...

i want to see mckenna and livi in their new leotards. :)

love you