Thursday, November 13, 2008

"This Really Sucks!"

That 's what I said in the car out loud.
  • Doodlebug #2- What sucks mommy?
  • Me thinking (crap)
  • Mommy- Oh, baby Mommy shouldn't have said that, Mommy should have said "stinks".It really stinks that Mommy needed to grocery shop, and now I can't 'cause we have to wait for Daddy and the groceries will go bad if I shop now, and then we have to wait. I REALLY needed to shop now, so it just really stinks. You shouldn't say what mommy said o.k.?
  • Doodlebug #2- O.k. mommy it really stinks, huh?
  • Mommy- Yeah, baby it does
  • Doodlebug #4- Mommy?
  • Mommy- Yeah, handsome boy...
  • Doodlebug #4- Mommy? Um, scuse' me Mommy...
  • Mommy- Yes son, what is it...
  • Doodlebug #4- It suck Mommy? It suck? Really suck?
  • (Mommy thinking.... "Crap. Now this really sucks!")
  • Mommy- Who wants candy!?
  • Doodlebugs #2,3,and 4- MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!


Jen Talley said...

Soooo funny!!!!

Davisix said...

Hahahaha! Great technique...I may need to borrow it when Thing 2 asked me what Viagra is. ;) Vivaaaaaaa Viagra......I hope you read my Not Me! Monday or this comment will not make any sense at all. LOL!!!

Keli said...

That is hysterical! Nothing gets by them! Always bring in the candy! hee hee

prechrswife said...

Good save! :-)

Ashley Griffin said...

That is hilarious!!! Gotta stick with what works!