Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not Me Monday...Post #5

  1. I did NOT have such a bad trip to Wal-Mart (doodlebugs gone wild) that during check out time a lady (o.k. stanger) from the next check out came over and offered to hold Doodlebug #5 so I could finish the process without loosing my mind...and I let her...a complete NOT me!

  2. I did NOT almost drown Doodlebug #5 when I was wringing a bathcloth over his head and got slightly distracted and turned for a moment and wrung the hole thing over his face causing him to cough and scream....nope NOT me!

  3. I did NOT allow Doodlebug #4 to go all week without underware, because he just isn't "into" underware this week...whatever...nope NOT me!

  4. I did NOT seriously find myself crying at church on Sunday 'cause Doodlebug #5 pooped all over his outfit 5 minutes after we got there...and the reason I cried was because the boys were matching and dad-gum-it NO one got to see NOT me!

  5. I did NOT hide some clothes in the "wrong" place at a clothing store until I could go back on Friday (payday) and get them...nope NOT me! (psst...they were still there shhhh)

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Alicia said...

Oh my gosh..that was a great list!!!!!!

What a sweet lady to offer to help you!! That's not very common these days since everyone is so suspicious of each

And, I feel ya on the poo poo!! I would have felt the same way!!!!!!

LOL about hiding the the clothes! That was a good one!

Davisix said...

This is one funny list!!! I have done most of them myself...more than once. Oh wait, I mean...I have NEVER done any of those awful things. ;) Ang

He And Me + 3 said...

That is so funny. I have strangers ask me all the time if I need help. Yeah thanks...can you take all three for a few days. LOL Great list!

Ashley Griffin said...

i would NEvER hide clothes in the wrong spot. nope. i didn't just do it last weekend either :)

Hope@Pinkadoodledoo said...

That was a really funny list! I might have cried over the poo poo too!

rich and steph said...

I loved your list. It is so my live as the busy mother of 5 kids ages 13-3. 4 boys and one girl. I also work full time nights doing triage as a hospice RN so our lives are full and crazy:) I love the blogging world as I find out so many other women are out there like I am and I just did not know it as I am so caught up in my family, work, and own little neighborhood. Again, thanks for the refreshing peek into you life;)