Thursday, October 30, 2008

This and That...

Some days it's not worth the fashion fight. Doodlebug #3 added the boots, scarf, and hair bow! What this proves to me is that she is ADORABLE in anything! :-)
Date night was good, although we didn't make it to Tallahassee we did go to our favorite Mexican restaurant and had a nice dinner with all the time in the world! We had great conversation and quality time together. It's about that time for another date though!

I must have bragged on Grant too much, because he has had me sleep deprived and in tears for two days. Up and restless. Each morning at around 4a.m. I have to pass him off to the Chief just so I can get some sleep. I really hope we get back on track real soon!

I have a prayer request I cannot go into at the moment, but the Chief and I need guidance and prayer for a situation we are facing. I would appreciate and covet any prayers that were interceded on our behalf. Personally I am praying for Peace, Wisdom, and Discernment.

I am so ready for Halloween to be over! I may step toes, but we don't celebrate the holiday so I am up to my eye balls in Halloween junk. What did me in was Doodlebug #2's note that was sent home stating she would be making Witch's Brew in one of the class rooms tomorrow...I had to let her teacher know that she needed to be pulled from that most definitely. (done with ranting on that one.)

On an up note, next weekend I will be going to my annual ladies retreat, I am so excited and plan to enjoy every moment. There is nothing like being spiritually fed and having the fellowship with a great group of seasoned women, who's heart solely follows after the Lord. Gonna be GOOOD, GOOOD!!!


Ashley Griffin said...

glad that you will be able to get away and get fed. and i will be praying for you.

as for mr grant...remember he is still learning. is he getting enough sleep during the day? if he is staying awake too much during the day, it will affect his sleeping at night. and make sure he is plenty full during the day. you can also try waking him up to feed right before you go to bed. doesn't matter how long it's been since the last time you fed him.

anyway, i'm here if you need anything. and please let me know whenever you will be heading this way!!

LaLa said...

love the new hair bow. ema does look so cute!

and what a great picture of you and joel!