Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Some Things I Have Forgotten. Some Things, Oh So Fresh In My Memory.


-How much it hurts to nurse...initially (OUCH!)
-Just how long one can actually go without sleep and still function properly.
-How wonderful it feels to sit on gloves filled with ice in the hospital after giving birth!
-That it actually hurts to fall so in love with your new baby.
-Swelling (enough said)
-That I deserve a pat on the back for successfully nursing Grant and folding an entire basket of laundry simultaneously.


-The smell of my newborn
-The first two weeks are survival mode (I am only two days away from week one)
-That I am already dreading the day when my Mom leaves... :-(
-I absolutely LOVE nursing and the whole newborn stage.
-I was so meant to be a Mommy!!! :-)

***I thought of something I never knew at all***

-Having your tubes tied is double and triple the pain of having a baby...it has kicked my ever lovin' butt from here until Sunday!!!!


Ashley Griffin said...

you sound so good!! it is funny that no matter how many kids you have there are a lot of things that you forget!!!

more pictures please :)

Cathy said...

I would imagine that having bottom hurt, stomach hurt, and nursing pain is enough to wear you out.

The laundry can wait... enjoy nursing that baby and letting body heal. Others can fold :)

Melissa-Jerry plus 4 said...

I remember those days so well.
I love the picture of Grant smiling at a few hours old, so cute.

Janine said...

I know it hurts but your right it's all so sweet. Had to come check in on you. How long is your mom staying?