Saturday, October 4, 2008

House Update!!

Well the back porch is nearly complete with railing needing to be added and the dreaded staining process. One day this week I was, lets say a "moment". Despite the fact that it will all have to be removed to finish up, the Chief surprised me by setting up the new patio furniture just to cheer me up! I have to give him props because he picked it all out and I thought he did an outstanding job!
I don't know why I haven't taken a picture of the front porch, but they have completed that too, and just yesterday framed out the new room we are closing in, you can see the space in the pictures it was our old screened in porch. So things are moving right along!

Align Center

New back deck
Other side off of kitchen
Full view
My favorite, watching the siding go up!!!
Oh, and there is a little sneak peak to the front porch.
Well, so there it is. Windows should be in next week and the progress will continue! I am so excited!


LaLa said...

your house will be tan? i will miss it being white :(

but it does look amazing!

Anita said...

It all looks just great....I love, love, love the deck!!! I like the new siding color....will make the house look like a different place! Keep the pics coming :)

Ashley Griffin said...

awesome!! when we will get to have a party on your deck?? i think we should have a girls party soon! i love your house!