Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Some days someone will say something to me about my large family. In fact at least every week I hear, "Are all those yours?" (like they are shoes or something), or "I don't know how you do it." or "Man I could NEVER have that many kids!"
More often then not doubt starts creeping in my mind and I start to get "under" it. Now these people mean absolutely no harm and I know that, but then I start thinking...
OMG what am I thinking, are my children getting all they need from the Chief and I. Are they neglected, do they feel they have one on one time with us weekly? Daily? Do I know my children, do they know me? Questions, questions, questions. Then like I have forgotten or something I simply remember...HOLY CRAP I AM HAVING ANOTHER BABY! 5,5,5,5,5,5,5, Children.
So doubt is a horrible thing. When I doubt something, to me, it means my faith has been squashed it's MIA. The Chief and I never doubt our parenting skills, I know as long as we follow the best guideline (Biblical) we are doing great, but just sometimes, it's difficult.
So here are the truths that I DO know and don't doubt. Joel and I are a son and daughter of the King, our heavenly father who Father's millions of children on a daily basis...He handles crisis, hurt, discipline, organization, request, and complaints and does it with ease.
Now, because I have have heritage and because "on earth as it is in Heaven" Heck yeah, we can do this...and I too can do it with ease! Thank you JESUS! If HE can juggle millions of sons and daughter's (5 )precious Doodlebugs are a drop in the bucket! Piece of cake. Easy street all the way. Right?
I got this!


Ashley Griffin said...

What an incredible way to look at it! i have never thought about it that way. i don't have as many as you but some days my 3 feel like 300! and i think "what in the heck was i thinking?" exactly...i wasn't! we also have to keep in mind that even though it sounds kinda harsh that doubting God is actually sin. Anxiety, worry, fear, doubt...they are all the same at the root. and the opposite of all of them are trust. trust in the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul...that is a command, not a unless there is something really big that i haven't thought of to put in the Bible kinda thing. Anxiety and doubt will choke the Word right out of us and just at the time we need God the most, we won't even be able to hear him. Why? Because we are too busy worrying about whatever the situation is!!

Jen Talley said...

You and Joel are amazing parents!! Don't forget that or doubt that. You are my hero sis!!!! I'm one of your biggest fans. I just wish we lived closer so I could give you a hand.