Monday, September 15, 2008

Doctors Appointment

Well, I am dilated a finger tip (that's pretty much nothing)...I didn't expect anything anyway given my history that I could easily carry a child FOREVER! Anyway, tonight is a full moon, I wonder how much truth there is to that theory.

We are in the final 4 week count down, I am pretty sure the doctor will induce at 38 weeks if I want, he has mentioned it several we shall see. I hate inductions as my theory is that Pitocin is from HELL. I had the first three doodlebugs through induction and it took three days with each. Went into labor a week late with #4 and had him in 5 hours.

It was a much better labor and recovery. Oh, what to do. I keep thinking and reminding myself that God's timing is perfect. So if I can hold out, I will probably just let nature take it's course. Come on nature! I am so over being prego!

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Cathy said...

All 3 of mine were past due. #2 child was 3 1/2 weeks over due. The other two were 2 weeks overdue. Never had an induction. I figure when it's time, it's time.