Monday, July 7, 2008

A Visit Home.

I love going home. I haven't been home for a good visit since Christmas. We had a great time. I enjoyed every minute I had with family (except I didn't get enough time with my sister). We came in on Thursday evening and then had a cook out at my sisters on Friday. Mom, Dad, the kids and I also went to Turtle Park before the cook out and ROASTED in the heat. Then on Saturday, Mom and I took the four oldest grandchildren to see Kit Kittredge (which was excellent). Then onto church on Sunday, lunch out and back home to a hubby that missed us and was terribly missed himself.
My Kiddo's
In Order the eight grandchildren
Nathan, McKenna, Charlie, Olivia, Madi, Ema, Gunner and Mei

Come July 13th the kids ages will be 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,and one! Cool huh?

Why I love being at my Mom and Dad's and visiting family:

1) they love me and the kids
2) I can wash clothes and take them home and smell them for weeks to come
3) staying up late talking with mom
4) cooking with mom
5) dinner's at the table
6) laughter (my dad thinks mom and I are crazy, I am sure)
7) my kids love going home as much as I do...they LOVE Nana's cooking
8) seeing my sissy (although it's always chaotic)
9)just "being" home
10) church


Jen Talley said...

We had so much fun with you here Aim. I miss you like crazy. I remember coming home from Atlanta with Nathan and loved being at Mom and Dad's. Real excited about Thursday!!!!

LaLa said...

what a good picture of the kids! i love love ema's hair cut! i miss you. love you.