Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Mei Mei

Mei is smart!
Mei as Popeye
Sweet Girl

So Beautiful

I thought I would post a few pictures of Mei. She is so cute and so smart, (much smarter than people realize) she hardly talks but understands ALOT! She can follow directions and knows many signs for communication.

I must say, having her in our life has only fulfilled something in all of us that had she not been here we would have never known was missing. I am pretty much such a hog when I am around her which is far and in between :-( , see I consider my sisters kiddos my kids too and I desire for them to love me a whole, whole bunch (maybe I have issues :-). So I am probably in her face too much, but I love her beyond words.

I was (ok, am) a nut case at the hospital when my sister had all her babies, and nothing changed while she was in I just wanted to post an update on Mei and show you what a sweet little girl she is and also quite funny and silly too.

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