Thursday, July 17, 2008

Down in the GHETTO!

So on Monday the girls and I were unloading groceries and Doodle Bugs went to close the back of the truck up and you have to close it like a puzzle on side then the other THEN the glass. So what sounded like a small gun shot was the back of my truck window. No injuries to report, thank God.
Although, I am now driving the "ghetto" car, until it is fixed!
Na, na, na, na,na, na, na, na hey, hey, $500 dollars!

This is the tally since the doodlebugs were born:
#1 D.B.- Excursion window
#2 D.B.- Excursion window, 4 pairs of Daddy's glasses, 5 disc surround sound dvd player, cut own hair, near 'bout severed finger and two surgeries
#3 D.B.- ceiling fan bulbs on back porch, flooded toilets, dozen eggs on couch (on daddy's watch), cut own hair,
#4 D.B.- ball through coffee table, fist through window, swinging on rear view mirror (total loss), art work throughout the house, flooded toilets, dozen eggs on couch (on daddy's watch), stitches in head


LaLa said...
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LaLa said...

now that is a ghetto car, i was wondering what ya'll were gonna do if it rained!

Jen Talley said...

Hey...I remember every single one of those except "Jake" getting stitches. Great aunt I am.....How did I miss that one?

Aimee said...

yeah, I said stiches but it was derma bond and a trip to ER, he flipped off the bed.